Studies have linked Massages to improving the immune system, reducing stress, inflammation, pain and sleep disorders. Massages release chemicals in the body, which in turn release toxins from the muscles.

Drinking water after a massage is important and reduces soreness. Soreness may occur after a deep tissue massage, or where the therapist has worked hard on a designated area to release muscle knots. Soreness is different from pain and is a temporary state caused by the body releasing lactic acid and that’s why it is important to drink water immediately after your massage. It flushes away the waste products that have been released from the muscles. It’s not a good idea to visit the pub directly after a treatment though, as massage increases the circulation and alcohol can have a much stronger effect.

Tell your therapist about any medical conditions and medications, before the session and then they can work out the best massage treatment.

Of course, you may want a massage, purely for relaxation purposes. This treatment would use gentle, soothing movements to reduce stress and rejuvenate your body.  Aromatherapy and hot stone massages are two of the treatments that you may wish to consider.

If you want a sports therapy massage, these deeper massage techniques, which manipulate the soft tissue, can help with the recovery of strains, sprains and minor sports injuries.


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