Having your make-up done professionally usually means that it lasts longer. It gives you a chance to relax and get some “me-time” during the activities before the ceremony. If others in the bridal party are having their hair or hair and make-up done on the day, be sure to arrange a time table beforehand.

You can ask our professional beauticians, here at Amore Hair and Beauty, for advice a few weeks before the wedding. It’s also important to get your face and body in good condition, at least a few weeks before the ceremony.  Amore’s beauticians can provide facials to brighten your complexion, treatments to condition the skin on your body and tanning services.

We don’t recommend that you have a tan just before the wedding. Give your skin a few days for the colour to develop and settle. After a couple of showers, it’s less likely that there will be any marks on your dress and your tan will look more natural.

If you are considering false eyelashes, be careful. Your tears of emotion could dislodge them. It is better to have more permanent eyelash extensions which will last for the honeymoon, or an LVL treatment. (length -volume-lift) for a wide eyed natural look

Think about the make-up style that you would like on your special day. If possible, start to prepare and nourish your skin well before your professional make-up, then your foundation will look smoother and last longer.

You might choose a “Natural Look” with sculpted brows, fluttery lashes, a fresh complexion and a natural lip colour, or the “Audrey Hepburn” look, highlighting the brows and enhancing the eyes by adding longer lashes to the outer corners before applying  a perfect flick of “cat-eye” liner and finishing with a darker lipstick .

Another popular make-up for the Wedding Day is the “Rock Chick” look, using a smoky grey or brown eye shadow and a pale lip stick or the “Bronzed Look” with bronze or gold shadow, and the face sculpted with highlighting and contouring products, finished with a peachy orange lipstick.

Just describe your dream hair and make-up styles to our team here at Amore Hair and Beauty. Why not arrange a hair and make-up session as a dress rehearsal, so you can be sure of your perfect look.