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Amore Hair & Beauty Camberley

A message to all our amazing clients, with love Dani x

With a broken heart and pure devastation, Amore Hair and Beauty will be temporarily closing our doors as of now due to the Covid19 Epidemic that is affecting us all.

For the last 9 years I have dedicated my soul to Amore and I’m so lucky to have the most supportive and loyal clients. Thank you so much. ✨

To my team – my Amore family – the support you have shown me in this difficult time, I will never forget. Thank you for always working so hard I know we will come back bigger and better than ever! I love you all ❤️

Please use the links at the bottom of this page to keep up to date with any info through our social media pages.

During our absence if you need to get in contact with us please message us through our Instagram, Facebook, website or email info@amorehairandbeauty.co.uk

Watch for our latest posts on social media, bringing you all our info and helping tips ie. how to safely remove your gel nails if needed, to look after your lashes, to NOT use a box dye on your hair and PLEASE avoid cutting your own hair.

We will be back as soon as we can to look after you with all your hair and beauty needs.

If you are in need of any hair or beauty products or gift vouchers, we are able to send them out to you to your home address.

Elemis Skincare | Kevin Murphy Hair Care | GHD Hair Electronics Hot Tools Hair Wands

We will be back as soon as we can when it is safe to do so and I will be updating you within the next few days.

We will miss pampering and looking after you, wishing you all my love and safe wishes and pray this nightmare will be over soon! Dani xx ❤️😢😭🙏🏽😔

Many Thanks,

Danielle Wilder

We would love to thank all our loyal clients for their support, here are just a few wonderful comments “The Amore Team” have received via our Facebook page.

Angela Murphy: Love to you all, we will all be back with you soon as we can. Love to you all xxx

Lorna Symmonds: Tough decision but totally understandable. Look after yourselves ladies. We will all be back as soon as we can. We will all look like hairy Shreks but you’ll beautify us in no time.Much love to you all. Stay safe 💕💕💕💕

Christelle Dickson: Such a difficult thing for a business owner. You’re such a lovely crowd of ladies. You need to take care of yourself & your staff. See you when this is all over. Stay safe xx

Debbie Cockrem: A hard decision for you to make but totally the right one for everyone – we will all need you more than ever when this is all over. Take care and stay safe all of you xxx

Elaine Penman: Let’s hope this awful situation turns around soon Danni. Sending lots of love 💕 stay healthy xx

Claire Murray: I’ve been thinking about you. This is the right decision for you, your team and everyone. Difficult times ahead…but we WILL be back ….You won’t recognise me when I walk back through the door …My husband might not recognise me in a few weeks 🤔Can you book me in for the day when we can come back lol….Love you all. Take care of yourselves xx❤️

Rachel McCann: I know how hard that decision must have been for you lovely ladies but take care of yourselves and no doubt you will be over run with us all in serious need of appointments when you re open! Lots of love xx

Lorraine Frances Fife: Hi Dani I hope all of your are well and stay safe. This must have been incredibly difficult. I will be back to have EVERYTHING done as soon as we are allowed. Take care, stay safe and lots of love to you all xxxx

Lucy Hutton: Sad times Dani ❤️thinking of you and your lovely ladies.I will be back as soon as possible. Stay safe all of you xxxx

Nicky Tozer: Totally support your decision Dani. Unprecedented times need unprecedented measures. You’ll make up for it in spades when life returns to ‘normal’! X

Lizzie Paterson: Sending you all a big hug ❤️ We will be back and let’s hope it’s sooner rather than later. Hope you all stay safe and well xxx

Samantha Murphy: Amazing job you’ve done Danielle! You will be back bigger and better than ever and I can’t wait!!! Much love. Stay safe ❤️xx

Lorraine K Lowe: Oh Dani I know what a hard decision this was for you. You girls are the best and your clients love you, one being me. We will all be there when the doors are ready to be opened again. Stay save and lots of love 💕💋

Shirley Partridge: Thinking of you all and sending virtual hugs 🤗.You’re going to be busier than ever when you reopen sorting us all out !! Xx

Kate Darbyshire: Totally understandable guys, thank you for everything! Purple hair can wait… Stay happy and safe!!! 🥰🥰🥰 Xx

Sue Rymer-Jones: Big hugs and licks from me & Kristoff 🐾🐶stay safe lovely ladies I will miss our chats and cups of tea see you soon for a big hair dye ! Take care , xx

Lucy Purchase: Sending lots of love ladies, we will all be ready and waiting for your return when it’s safe to do so (with awful hair and in need of some pampering) 😉😘

Wendy Ward: Appreciate you must have really struggled with this, but 100% the right decision. Love to all of you and the fabulous Salon will return in all its fabulousness we all know that 😘😘😘

Grethel Hall: Sending you all lots of love, the Halls will wait for you to re-open as you’re the best team around xxxx

Katy-Louise Turvey: This is so sad but remember we’re all in this together 💜 sending love to you all! If you need anything at all let me know even if you just want me to pop down and check all is ok, take in a parcel you know where I am xxxxx

Julia Kerton: Take care and be safe and all the best for now and the future. Chin up and be healthy love xx

Georgina Bates: Sad sad times Dani….we’ll all be back to support you in the near future with our one eyelash hanging on 😂👀

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